What is a Wi-Man?

What is a Wi-MAN:

Readers may ask, “What is a Wi-Man?”

A wireless metropolitan area network (WI-MAN) is a form of wireless networking that has an intended coverage area — a range — of approximately the size of a city. A WI-MAN spans a larger area than a wireless local area network (WLAN) but smaller than a wireless wide area network (WWAN). WI-MANs are point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks with individual links that not only can span distances of up to 30 miles, which is important for backhaul applications, but also can provide last-mile connectivity in metropolitan environments. WI-MANs can employ vendor-specific proprietary equipment and associated technologies or they can be manufactured according to IEEE standards.

Wireless Network - What is a Wi-MAN
Wireless Network – What is a Wi-MAN

A WI-MAN is typically owned by a single entity such as an Internet service provider (ISP), government entity, or large corporation. Access to a WI-MAN is usually restricted to authorized users or subscriber devices.

A common question after “What is a Wi-Man?” is then “How do I build one?” – the aim of this site is to guide the reader in this goal.

Technologies used in Wi-MAN

Technologies used to build a Wireless Metropolitan Area Network may include Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Free Space Optics, WiFi and 4G/LTE equipment from one or a number of vendors to comprise a complete network

There is no one single technology used to create Wireless Metropolitan Area networks.  A “One size fits all” approach does not meet customers, needs, due to the nature of wireless technology, so appropriate products need to be selected for each part of the network.

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