CableFree FOR2 Licensed Microwave LinkLicensed Microwave Links offer long distance, high capacity and dedicated bandwidth.

Microwave links include Full Outdoor, Full Indoor, Split Mount and Broadcast links to meet varied customer requirements for metro scale and national scale microwave networks.  In addition to the conventional licensed bands (4-38GHz), product variants include narrowband support for 700MHz-3GHz bands including Cellular Inband Backhaul

High Performance Licensed Microwave Radios offer up to 400(364) Mbps and 800(728) Mbps Full Duplex payload (1.6Gbps aggregate capacity) and higher up to 3Gbps or more, with a software-selectable mix of SDH, PDH and IP/Ethernet traffic  in 4-38GHz licensed frequency bands.  Using suitable antennas and sites, ultra-long-distance links exceeding 100km can be achieved.

Examples of commercial Microwave Links can be found here